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Art Appreciation: How Much Will Your Clendaniel Piece Increase in Value?

Green Dollar UpwardsScott has been working as a professional artist for about twelve years, and has created well over 800 original pieces that are in nearly all 50 states, and on four continents.  A couple years ago a lawyer asked him if Scott knows where all of his paintings are, and Scott replied that he did, but was unsure about just a couple pieces.  Now, he would answer, “No way, there are just too many out there.”  The earliest collectors were friends and family, and now we mail Clendaniel originals and prints to complete strangers who purchase his art online.  So, those of you who supported his art career early on may be wondering if your Clendaniel art has appreciated in value.  Yes, it has, and it will continue to do so.

I won’t name collectors, or paintings, but I’ll give you some examples of how much Scott’s paintings have gone up in value.  In 2004 Scott painted two commissions that were each 2ftx4ft, and only charged $200 for each one.  Today those pieces are worth $1,200 each (500% increase).  Another commission from 2009 sold for $600, and is now worth $1,200 (100% increase).  In 2009 an 8ftx4ft painting was worth $3,200, now the value is $4,800 (50% increase).  This is why real art is better!  At this year’s Anchorage Museum Gala, Scott’s 5ftx6ft painting sold at the live auction for $4,750, above market value, which is a sign that current pricing is lagging behind what serious collectors are willing to pay.  We raise prices about every two years, based on demand, and the last time was about two years ago.  So if you’re considering commissioning a painting, you may want to pull the trigger sooner than later.  Scott’s limited-edition, signed prints also appreciate in value.  Prices for prints have increased 12.5% since we started making them two years ago.  If you want to own a piece of art that will become more valuable in the future, buy it from a young artist who intends on working as an artist full time for the rest of his life, like Scott.  Your art will definitely be worth more, probably much more in just a few years.