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Older 2006 Painting…Alex Combs Painting Studio

Alex Combs studio halibut cove

I have been looking forward to the warmer weather that allows the outdoor painting season to begin, the snow and ice has been keeping me working inside and I am ready for summer to be here.  Nothing is as exciting, that I have run into, than the beauty of Alaska in the summer.  I cannot wait to paint in plein air!  However, I felt my blog could use a new image and update to keep everyone in the loop.  This painting was done over a 9 hour day in Halibut Cove a couple of summers ago.  Painting the frontal facade of Alex Combs old painting and pottery studio and outdoor gallery.  This structure has always had such a profound influence on me because of the uniqueness of a do-it-yourself gallery.  Not only was this a do-it-yourself gallery (put the cash/check in the jar – take your art) it was also full of Alex Combs’ cheery, painterly, work that I knew was Real Art!  Since my first visit out to Halibut Cove in 1998 I have found Alex Combs paintings to largely influence my work.  It was great to live and work in Alex’s old art spot.  From the paint on the floor of the studio, to the most incredible view of the cove, I love this structure.  I am eager to build my first structure to live and work in the beauty of this great state!  Part of the fun of working on this painting was that Alex, who passed away a year ago, was able to critique my work.  It was very satisfying to have one of my personal heroes of the art-world sit back and look at my work.  Suffering from mild alzheimer’s and dementia the last few years of his life Alex was still very excited about painting and was still working next door.  It was cute that every time I met him I had to be reintroduced as the painter next door.  Introductions aside, he could still critique a piece of original, Real Art!  Here’s to you Alex! Thank you for making such beautiful artwork and being such an inspiration!