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We Published Our First Book! How to Draw Alaskan Baby Animals: 49 Drawing Lessons from the 49th State

~ by Maria Benner

This is a big day for us here at Real Art Is Better, the day we published our first book — How to Draw Alaskan Baby Animals: 49 Drawing Lessons from the 49th State.  The book features 49 drawing lessons, teaching any aspiring artist how to draw Alaska’s cutest baby animals.  Each easy-to-follow, step-by-step illustration shows you how to turn lines and circles into detailed drawings with a pencil and pen.  Anyone can learn to draw by practicing with a bit of direction! This book is a fun way to learn drawing skills, inspire creativity, and boost confidence for anyone who likes to draw and loves animals.

We’ve been working on this for about three years, which sounds like a long time, but when you think about the scope of the book, and the fact that we also run an art business full time, in addition to traveling occasionally, then three years doesn’t seem so long.  Scott had to draw 49 different lessons, then I had to edit the book, which means that I drew every single baby animal, at a rate of one per day.  Then summers would happen, travel, the holiday rush, and the list of excuses keeps going.  But we finally made this project a high priority, and worked on it a bit each day, with the goal of releasing the book in time for the holidays!  The book is available for sale on Amazon.  I want to make one thing clear: this book is not just for kids, adults can learn how to draw cute Alaskan baby animals too!

Click here to purchase the book.

As a small token of appreciation to our blog readers, here is a free page download.  See if you can draw this adorable polar bear cub.  And we’d love to see your drawings!  Post them in the comments.



Free Printable :: Pint Glass Inspired by Kandinsky :: Free Downloadable Beer Art Print

I’ve been painting beer for several years, and am thankful to my patrons, blog readers, social media followers, friends, and family for buying my oil paintings and prints.  So, as a thank you gift, I’m giving a free downloadable beer art print to you.  This painting is from my famous-paintings-with-beer series.  It was inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s art.  I released this painting on Thirsty Thursday on March 5, 2015.

Just download this file by clicking on the “Download” link below, and print it at home.  The prints I sell have my original signature at the bottom, and are numbered (they are all limited-edition), so this one won’t be worth as much in the long run, but it will spruce up your bar, kitchen, or man cave, and can even make a nice gift.  The full size is 6″x12″.


Kandinsky beer painting pint by scott clendaniel thirsty thursday beer painting